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6 Ways to Prevent Burnout

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Prevent Burnout

High-stress jobs like event management can take a serious toll on both your physical and mental health. After 20+ years in the industry, here’s how I've learned to prevent and recover from burnout:

  • Take at least 1 day off a week. 
    If you're self-employed or a highly motivated employee, it’s super easy to work ALL the time—especially since so many of us are working from home these days. For me, Sundays are "no work" days and that recovery time makes all the difference! 

  • Listen to your body. 
    A third-generation nap advocate, I've seen the benefits first-hand. My grandma lived to be 92! Growing up, my mom took 10 minutes to stretch out on the couch after a long day teaching 1st grade before she made dinner. I've since implemented this practice and consider it my “commute” since working from home the last 15 years has erased the transition from work to home. Choose your own version of rest and make an effort to stick with it.

  • Plan out your vacations in advance. 
    Looking forward to a fun adventure or time to relax is a powerful high—especially when you’re in the midst of a hectic season. Plus, planning for a break forces you to take the much-needed time away that you deserve!

  • Set boundaries and say no.
    Protect your precious time. Overextending ourselves is all too common and doesn't do anyone any good. Not you. Not the clients you serve. Instead, protect your schedule and learn to recognize when you're worn out before you burnout. The fact is, boundary setting can disappoint people. That's ok. What's not ok is disappointing yourself. Those in the hospitality industry are people pleasers by trade and I understand how tough it is to take care of yourself. This is your reminder that it's ok to say no.


  • Self-care is more than bubble baths.
    Schedule a regular massage, gym classes, acupuncture, reflexology or whatever restorative outlet floats your boat! There are endless ways to manage stress and feel more inspired. Find a therapist or career coach who can help you navigate your biggest challenges. I recently started working with a coach and she's transformed my life in countless ways both personally and professionally.

  • Outsource your pain points. 
    What's keeping you up at night? Are there tasks in your life you absolutely dread? Consider hiring someone to take them off your plate! From house cleaners to an accountant or virtual assistants, there are talented people just waiting to make your life easier. 

What are your best practices for managing stress? Share your tips in the comments below!

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