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Virtual Event Etiquette

14 tips to avoid becoming an internet sensation

Virtual event etiquette


Let’s face it, we’ve all been part of at least one or two virtual meetings in the last year and seen what can happen with funny clips from the cat lawyer and the guy in his work meeting with no pants


I’ve been using Zoom since early 2019 and lead about 10 Zoom meetings every week. If you’re looking for insider expertise around virtual meetings, you’re in the right place! No more learning the hard way—who has time for that?! 

With that in mind, here are 14 tips to consider before your next virtual meeting! 


DO - 

  • Mute yourself unless it’s your turn to talk.

  • Make sure your computer or tablet is on a flat surface and keep your camera steady. 


  • Check that your camera is at eye level. Need to level up? Try a box or a few books to get it at just the right height for you. No one wants to see up your nose or inspect your ceiling fan!

  • Arrange your lighting in front of your face not behind or beside you. Have a window or lamp behind you? Try turning your workstation around so it lights up your face without washing out your screen and leaving you in a shadow. 


  • Learn how to select the correct microphone and speaker on your device (the little arrows by the microphone and camera button) and turn them on and off. Sometimes they default to the wrong microphone or camera and need to be corrected within the app.


  • Find a quiet location to take your meeting (we know this one is tough, parents!) I once had a presenter trying to share remarks from a loud work environment with beeping, intercoms, and co-workers chatting right beside him. Fact is, no one could focus on what he was saying.


  • Center yourself in the middle of your camera so you appear in the middle of your screen. 


  • Keep the camera on whenever possible. 


  • Use headphones to minimize background noise


  • Let your family or housemates know you’re on camera to avoid becoming an internet sensation! : ) 



  • Please don’t eat on screen. Enough said.


  • Avoid movement. Skip rocking chairs or whirling fans.


  • Don't move your computer while your camera is on.


  • Don't let a cluttered space distract others, streamline and tidy your background as much as possible.


Virtual meetings are here to stay for the foreseeable future, so it makes sense to get comfortable with this medium. You and your work deserve to shine!


Need help managing your virtual meetings? 

Contact Sheila at or tell us how we can help.  

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