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Creative Ways to Save on Food and Beverage

BANQUETFood and beverage costs take up most of the budget for any event, and with increasing costs of food and other products, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs these days.  What are some creative ways to "trim the fat", so to speak?

  • Provide smaller servings of expensive items. - Lobster medallions, mini crab-cakes, or a smaller meat portion on a salad are ways to have high-impact without the cost of the full-sized portion.   Or offer an 8 oz. steak instead of a 10 oz. steak.

  • Butler Passed items - Attendees tend to consume less when the appetizer is passed on trays. 

  • Ask the hotel what other groups are having meals at the same time.  If the same menu can be served to another group, you might be able to negotiate a better price due to volume discounts.

  • Talk to the Chef - Chefs usually enjoy meeting with the client and appreciate the opportunity to be creative while meeting the client's budget.  You don't know what you can get unless you ask!


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